The Best Shorts from Kinofest 2012

The 6th edition of Kinofest ended, 300 films were screened and were enjoyed in a cinema, a library, a pub, an institut. There was a lot of fantesy, original stories, comedies, dramas, diverse technics, candid animations and horror scenes, films from all arround the world... and the juries decided:

ALBA, Isak Ferriz (19'06" / Spain) – Best Fiction Prize
ALBA is the story of Alex and Anna. The story of two ways to deal with pain.
A desperate struggle to make amends in order to recover their lives, if guilt
allows them... They lost theire 3 years old daughter.

LE LLAMAREMOS BOBBY, Paco Cavero (12'59" / Spain) – Jury's Prize, Fiction
Antonio and his son, Antonio Jr., come back from fishing on the day of the
son's birthday. They have an argument because of Antonio Jr.'s wedding
plans, but everything changes after a weird incident... A delicious comedy about stupid people, and theire "fresh" perspective on things.

DOOMED, Guillermo Garcia Carsi (11'/Spain) – Best Animation
A fake documentary about the life and habits of non-terrestrial creatures that coexist 24hrs with a Narrator. Unlike terrestrial animals, whose instincts are focused on survival, the nature of these creatures seems to condemn them to a loss of time and energy and eventually, to an absurd and comical extinction.
An original animation, impeccable technique, humor and impresive prizes: best comedy at Clermont-Ferrand; best short at Animar, Spania; best animation at Jaipur Animation Film Festival India

REW DAY, Svilen Dimitrov (6'40" / Bulgaria)
Jury's Prize, Animation
The last day of a man's life is seen as on a videotape which is being rewound to the moment he wakes up in the morning, having no idea what lays ahead.
A surprising film.
Svilen Dimitrov was present at Kinofest befor, at the first edition, with the animation Air Ace.
rew day

Best Micromovie
Here is delicious apple. How would you eat it? A complicated fantesy, with original creatures is born from the pensil of the artist Erick Oh, in order to eat the apple.

What other films did the jury prefered? The german micromovie "WANNA POLKA?", the indian animation "CANDY TREE", "DEVISTEME" (fiction), the Romanian short "THE BOX" (Mircea Ghibortz Ghinescu).

The Fiction jury: Alexandra Păun (script writer and independent film producer), Toma Cuzin (actor), Claudiu Păun (director of photography, film producer).
Animation and micromovie jury: Radu Ţinc (art director MEKA Creative Open Space), Dan Vezentan (creative partner New Folder), Răzvan Mihai (Promo General Producer ProTV), Bogdan Lazar (3D Artist, owner Golem Studio).

Well, we remain inlove with films and the digital technics – because they embody wonderfully the magic infinit world of imagination. And, until the next Kinofest, "life goes digital"!

Kinofest concert: LOUNGERIE II

LOUNGERIE II - a kind of punky jazz, noire flavour trip. fusion for the sake of God

A musical collective presenting several projects: LOUNGERIE II is just one of the multiple musical expressions produced by the cool-haters young fellows named ABATOR INDUSTRIES, also producing Tunesinnaourheads, Ualvarin vs. Seibartut, The Shape of Moombathon and Tyrannosaurus Jazz.
Each of these avatars has a different direction and a different personality at its core. LOUNGERIE II represents the feminine, the YIN space of this collective.

Starting 2011 the band is fully activated by a code word - FUSION: they keep lounge jazzy feelings at the center of their music, completing the live experience with a schizo pole of experimental punk and noise infusion, spoken word and rock; just like the lounge lizards the music produced bz these guys does not aim to comfort, but to experience emotions.

Band: Voice (Andreea Tincea), Guitar (Cătălin Lungu), Drums (Daniel Iliescu), 2nd Guitar (Dan Michiu), 2nd Voice and spoken word (Andrei Bucureci), Bass (Doru Boeriu).


In this first year of existence, the band had concerts and events weekly, in very different spaces: theaters, contemporary art museum, parc scenes, the official state room of the Royal House, consacrated jazz festivals, improvised concerts in art galleries. LOUNGERIE II is, first place, the live experience of a passion boom.
In October 2012 the band launches the first EP. LOUNGERIE II - EVE


kinofestposter web-01
Cinema Europa: 15 lei/day
Tickets are available, in advance, online ( or in Diverta shops. On 26-28 October, tickets can be bought from Cinema Europa.

Mansarda Bastilia: 10 lei/day

Tickets are available at Bastilia BookShop.
At Cervantes Institute, Club Energiea and ComicBookCity Café the entrance is free. The Loungerie2 concert is free also.

Kinofest 2012 Spot

Kinofest announces his competitors

stire selectie

The official selection for the 2012 Kinofest competitions ended, and the finalists were made public, after exactly 226 days from the registration session launching. From the almost 400 films submited, 71 will compete for the Kinofest prizes: 21 films at the Fiction cathegory, 43 films at Animation and 27 at Micromovie. All are Romanien premieres, and some of them are international premieres!

The Off-concours section and the parallel programs will present another 135 shorts, most of them Romanien premieres. So, we bring a total of 200 shorts – the latest and the most interesting creations of this field.

The screening will take place at Cinema Europa, Cervantes Institute, Energiea Pub and Bastilia Attic.

Cinema Europa (Calea Mosilor 127) and Bastilia Attic (Plaza Romana 5) the entrance ticket costs 15lei (for the whole day). Tickets are available: in advance, at ( and Diverta shops; duiring the festival – at each location.
Here will be presented the competition programs, the Off-concours section, and other premieres programs.

This year, Energiea Pub (Brezoianu 4) becomes the Kinofest location for partys and concerts.

At Cervantes Institute – Bucharest spanish cultural center (Regina Elisabeta Blvd, No.38)– will be projected mainly spanish shorts, premieres.

The entrance at Energiea Pub and Cervantes Institute is free.